IMPORTANT NOTE: For the past six years, Athens Throwdown has been a celebration of Fitness. Those who compete in the arenas of the Olympic venues, those who encourage them live and those who work to make the event a reality, have a common goal: celebrate Fitness and live an unforgettable experience!

Unfortunately, with the current conditions, it turns out that such a celebration will not be possible this year, despite the strict security and hygiene measures we have taken. Spectators are not allowed in the venues, in many countries it remains unknown when the gyms will open, while it is unknown whether the athletes who come from 51 different countries will be able to travel to Athens. And above all, the competent authorities cannot guarantee that they will allow such a large event with 1.104 athletes to take place, for reasons of public health protection.

Due to the above, this year's finals of the event will be moved to next year, on April 16-18, 2021.

There will be no new qualifiers and no new leaderboard will be created! Master and Teenage athletes will remain in the same age groups.

All participating athletes can decide by November 30, 2020 whether to keep their spot in the finals. If they keep it, they will compete normally on 16-18/04/2021. If they give it away, the spot will be given to the next ranking athletes and they will receive a refund.

Until November 30, 2020, the teams can also decide whether to keep their spot – if they keep it, they have the right to make up to 3 changes to their participants. If a new team wants to compete, it can send its request to, it will be added to the waiting list, and in case of cancellation it will be informed.

Moreover, until November 30, 2020, both spectators and Ergathlon participants have the right to decide whether to keep their tickets or not - new tickets will continue to be available, but without the Early Bird discount.

Athens Throwdown is a celebration, and celebrations need everyone by their side: athletes, spectators, staff. So, the party is not canceled, it is just postponed for the next year, for Athens Throwdown 2020-one! Until then, please stay safe!


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